All general questions and concerns related to interpreting and implementing FERPA statutes and Board of Regents FERPA rules at UNL should be first directed to:

Steven Booton
University Registrar

location icon59 ADMN

phone icon402-472-2625

Email iconsbooton2@unl.edu

FERPA Restrictions

The following instructions are to place a FERPA restriction on your directory information. This means that your directory information will not be available to the public.

Please note: if you choose to hide your directory information the following will result:

  • Insurance companies and potential employers cannot verify your enrollment or awarded degree.
  • If you make the dean's list, your name will not be published.
  • Your name will not be included in the graduation program.
  • When graduating, your name will not be listed in the newspaper with the rest of the graduates.

The University will honor a student's properly submitted request to restrict the release of directory information but cannot assume responsibility to contact the student for subsequent permission to release the information. Regardless of the effect upon a student, the University assumes no liability for honoring a student's request that directory information be restricted. Please read more here before placing a FERPA restriction.


Login to MyRed using your NUID and Password. (If you do not know your NUID or password use the TrueYou Identity Manager to recover that information.)
MyRED Login Page


Navigate to the "Profile" tab.
Profile link in navigation highlighted


On the profile tab, chose the "Update FERPA Restrictions" link in the "FERPA Restrictions" sections.
FERPA Restrictions button highlighted


To restrict directory information click "Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions" link to edit your restriction selections.
Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions button highlighted


Click "Restrict All Fields" and click "Save."
Restrict all fields and save button highlighted


After saving, the following message will be displayed.
Confirmation page shown