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All general questions and concerns related to interpreting and implementing FERPA statutes and Board of Regents FERPA rules at UNL should be first directed to:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Once a student reaches the age of 18 or attends an institution of postsecondary education, the parents have no rights under FERPA. However, the parent may gain access through MyRED with student permission.

FERPA was established to provide security and privacy to students. This law protects the student's information from being accessed by the general public. In order to protect the student as well as possible, the law states that only those who have a security phrase (set up on MyRED) can access the student's records. This clause includes parents. In order to access their information, you will need to talk to your student about getting written access through MyRED.

Generally, the answer is no. However, FERPA states that if the release of non-directory information is “necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals,” then this information may be released. Please call the Office of the Registrar's Office or Student Affairs if you have an emergency.

If your student is enrolled in a university, FERPA applies no matter the age. Therefore, you must have written consent from the student to access educational records.

Yes, but strict requirements must be met and proper paperwork and proof must be included.


Parents can receive information about their student’s record if they submit proof that the student is a dependent. Proof is considered to be a copy of the most recent year’s federal tax form showing that the parent claims the student as a dependent. Releasing information is at the University’s discretion.


Student non-directory information can be released if the information is "necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals." Parents should contact the Vice Chancellor's Office of Student Affairs if they feel they need this information. Releasing information is at the University’s discretion.

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