All general questions and concerns related to interpreting and implementing FERPA statutes and Board of Regents FERPA rules at UNL should be first directed to:

Steven Booton
University Registrar

location icon59 ADMN

phone icon402-472-2625

Email iconsbooton2@unl.edu

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What is written consent?

Written consent is provided by the student to individuals of their choice, such as a parent or guardian, that grants access to the student's personal educational records. These individuals cannot access these details without written consent.

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Is my consent
always required?

No. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln may disclose educational records without consent under certain requirements and exceptions. These include:

  • School officials that have a legitimate educational interest
  • When there is an articulable and significant threat to the health or safety of a student or other individuals
  • Records returned to the provider or creator of the information
  • Educational institutions where the student plans to enroll or transfer
  • Judicial orders or lawfully issued subpoena
  • Any records included under the directory information unless they have been restricted by the student
  • Parents if the students are Federal IRS dependents; proof of dependency is required
  • Third parties with written agreement in conjunction with the evaluation of federal or state supported educational programs
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How can I provide
written consent?

Written consent must be granted via  MyRED by selecting the “Manage Guest Users” link under “Profile” in the main navigation or in writing submitted to the Office of the University Registrar, 107 Canfield Administration Building South by current or formerly enrolled students.

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Still have questions?

For basic questions about setting up your account call 402-472-3635 .

For questions on interpreting and implementing FERPA rules call 402-472-9435.

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Can I grant Different
Levels of Access?

Yes. There are several different levels of electronic access you can grant to others. Each level is independent of each other meaning you can grant access to one level, any combination of levels, or all levels based on the situation.

Student Accounts

This allows access to on-line bill payment, bills, account activity, payment history, and 1098T Forms.

Student Records

This allows access to the student’s class schedule and final grades.

Personal Information

This allows access to view addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Financial Aid

This allows access to view financial aid and MyRED to-do lists.


We understand that a parent or guest may need to access your student account information through MyRED. You have the ability to grant this access to them directly. This allows your parent or guest to see the same information as you. Follow this guide.